Magic Spells - the Ancient Art of Witchcraft

Best PsychicIn order to fully understand what magic spells and rituals are, it’s important first to grasp what witchcraft is and the role it plays in creating them. There is a lot of misconception and misinformation around what witchcraft is and perhaps more essential, what it is not. Because of this, it is fare to say that practitioners have gotten a bad reputation throughout history.

Transcending religion, it can be described more accurately as something that governs one’s life, actions, thoughts, feelings, and so on. While believers of religion rely solely on faith, Wiccans use intuition to bridge the worlds of the known and unknown, the seen and unseen and the "chi" or life forces between men and women and between themselves and nature.

Although in the last decade or so, witchcraft, magic spells and the world of metaphysics have seen a surge in popularity, many don’t realize that it pre-dates Christianity, despite its apparent association with it.

Nearly every culture both ancient and present day, has produced witches and warlocks that practice real magic spells to heal, sooth, or drive out evil. Ironically, people have long associated it with evil, which has not been the goal by most of them.

When non-Wiccans tend to think of Witchcraft and the magic spells they produce, images conjured up are more likely related to the Celtic traditions and other European origins. However, today, the majority of real magic spells fashioned are those which are infused from specific ancient teachings that can be linked back to people of Ancient Greece, Babylonia, Egypt and India as well as the Celtics. Indeed some practitioners may prefer the background of one over another or blend several or all of them combined.

Regardless of the influence of today’s magic spells being performed, they all have something in common. They all value the importance of ritual.

Powerful as she is, Mother Nature plays a huge role in the fabricating of real magic spells. The moon’s cycles, the effects this has on nature (dirt, trees, winds, rain, etc) along with regular natural occurrences with human beings, such as giving birth, dying and joining in matrimony often influence magic spells and their effects. Practitioners have long accepted that rather than fight it, go with Mother Nature, because above all, she’s in charge.

So, why do practitioners perform witchcraft? Well, unlike those who rely on faith and hope things work out, witches and warlocks use magic spells to influence the outcome of everything from ensuring that rain won’t spoil their picnics, to helping parents deal with the frustrations associated with their children passing through adolescence to easing someone’s pain after a heartbreak or suffering from illness. The overarching theory behind them is that we have the power to create and manifest our outcomes.

And what is used to perform real magic spells? Some still rely heavily on the use of wands, chalices, tarot cards, athames (a single edged knife), herbs and so on. However, all that is really needed is for you to place yourself there and truly believe that what you want is possible.

Although many feel it’s acceptable to use magic spells to inflict harm or pain on an individual, this is by no means an appropriate use of witchcraft.

If you feel you possess the power, you have a responsibility to use it wisely and without malice.

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